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Our offices are located just south of downtown Champaign in Research Park (at the University of Illinois). We are in The Atkins Building just west of the iHotel, in the same building as Motorola, P&G, FASS, EarthSense, Abbvie, and others.

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  • 2012
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SnackSticks are kitchen-crafted, hearty snacks made by a family owned company that cares about quality.

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website design, development and codingthe problem

Thrushwood Farms came to us with a tasty assignment—overhaul their product website to better appeal to buyers, which included everyone from end consumers to bulk purchasers.

We knew our goals right away: beef up the presentation with a dose of hearty, hungry man-style, and communicate the ease and friendliness a customer wants with buying snacks for their shelves or fundraising event.

The Solution

We started off by researching the competition and analyzing’s current site and information structure, along with their target audience and needs. The next step was sketching out some potential layouts and establishing a color palette. The palette naturally had to resemble the original, but we wanted something that was warmer and more unified to give the dark, welcoming feeling common among the competition. The colors of a campfire were a great inspiration to this.

Once the color palette was decided, it was playtime. We cracked open Photoshop and got to work infusing the design with rugged campfire style, velvety red buttons, plus a good dose of modern necessities like sale and social media links. Flavors Flavor Descriptions

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