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Our offices are located in downtown Champaign in the old Surface 51 building south of Champaign Surplus and just north of the intersection of Springfield and Neil:

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Modern Marketing & SEO

Coupons and Promotions

We know marketing teams. We know that every marketing manager needs to be able to be creative in how they develop promotions in order to drive sales. That’s why your eCommerce solution should have a robust rules definition engine for creating sales, promotions, and coupons so that marketers can dream up the best way to drive sales with promotions without having to call in a developer for help. We provide a number of ways for you to define your sales that include the following rules guidelines:

  • Discounts by Order Criteria
  • Discounts by Product Criteria
  • Discounts for Customer Pricing Group
  • Discounts by Category Association
  • Discounts of Percentage or Total Amount of a Product Price or Total Order Amount
  • Shipping Discounts or Free Shipping Above Order Total Threshold
  • Volume Discounts
  • Discounts by Coupon
  • Create your own crazy discounting or coupon logic and we will implement a custom solution just for you!
  • All promotions can be restricted by pricing group, time period, coupon uses, or manually controlled.

Loyalty Rewards Program

If your marketing team is looking to drive repeat business and loyal customers, the loyalty rewards program is a great way to increase your customer lifetime value levels. Simply enable the rewards program and decide how many points are issued relative to the value of users’ purchases and your customers can start redeeming points for store credit. Though this feature is possible on any of eCommerce systems, this is a great stepping stone towards social e-commerce. For more information on creating a social experience we recommend Hotcakes Social, an integrated solution with all the features of Hotcakes Commerce and DNN Evoq Social.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a great way to create a sales force on the Internet that are driven by the same goal you are: creating sales on your website. eCommerce gives you everything you need to get an affiliate program off of the ground – affiliate management, sales tracking, commission calculation by a flat fee or percentage of order totals, and conflict resolution. We added a few things that seasoned affiliate program managers will appreciate as well including the ability to limit the number of days an affiliate’s tracking id is stored for a client that is not the same for the entire program, but configurable by affiliate. We also made reporting simple so that you can easily manage and pay your affiliates.


An well designed eCommerce and CMS solution provides the tools to remarket to users that dropped out of the sales funnel and keep your customers from ever hitting a dead-end in their browsing experience. Use the features for specifying related products, automatically suggesting related items, and recently viewed items. None of this even requires the user to login, a returning user can continue their browsing experience the next time they visit your website.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Without a proper consideration of SEO, your e-commerce website will not have the customers to convert no matter how well it is designed or structured. With all Accuraty eCommerce solutions, you are covered out-of-the-box. We provide extension-less URLs for products and categories and allow full control over how those URLs are rendered. Each product and category also sets the page meta description, keywords, and title to make sure crawlers know what they are indexing. Beyond the basics, we provide automatic 301 redirects for products or categories on which you change the URL. The systems will also generates a sitemap from the categories and products you include in your catalog. As with anything, if you don’t like how we implemented the HTML on any view of the platform, you have complete control over how it is rendered.

Variable Products


Using categories, it is easy to provide an experience for your customers that allows them to browse your e-commerce website’s products. Category pages can also be effectively used as landing pages for your products using dynamic content blocks which can be added above and below the list of sub-categories and products. Want to create a specific layout for just one category? No problem – our extensibility model allows you to override the views on a category-by-category basis if the need is there allowing the most granular control over how a category page is rendered.

Custom Variants

Create a rich product catalog by adding information like "author," "published date," "movie rating," "track list," and more. In most e-commerce platforms, this requires expensive custom programming. You can even tie these variants of a product to SKUs and control price and inventory by variant.

Multiple Images

Product images sell products. Unlike many other carts, add as many as you like. No limits! You can even switch images based upon variants. For example, if your website sells hats and you have an option for red and blue, when a potential customer picks red or blue the image automatically changes.

Sell Memberships

When combined with the rich membership management model in the CMS, having the ability to sell memberships provides non-profit and membership-driven organizations a way to collect dues and monetize the content that your users want. Membership roles are used to secure areas of the site in the CMS – so using the membership product types empowers membership-driven websites with paid content.

Downloadable Products

Hotcakes Commerce supports the sale of downloadable goods. E-commerce websites that sell downloadable software, whitepapers, or any other paid file-based product will find the tools for selling downloadable products full-featured enough to meet the needs of their users. Flexible rules control how many times a file can be downloaded and for how long it is available.


Unlike most e-commerce options, Hotcakes provides full tracking of inventory for products with size, color, and other variations. When you run out of small, red t-shirts, the software can automatically remove it from the site or show that it is out of stock.


A Beautiful Storefront

The design and style you need to let your customers know how awesome and beautiful you (and your products and services) really are. 

A Rugged Storefront

The design and style you need to let your customers know how awesome and rugged you (and your products and services) really are. 

An Environmentally Friendly Storefront

The design and style you need to let your customers know how awesome and environmentally friendly you (and your products and services) really are. 

From Templates to Quality Custom Designs

Regardless of your budget and design needs we have solutions for you. We will custom tailor the solution to your needs regardless of whether you are selling cupcakes, lanyards, swimwear, motorcycle parts, exotic coffees, or build it yourself Earth-orbital space craft!

A Quality-first Solution is Within Your Reach

Designer Nirvana

Okay, so this one is for us. But you have to realize that if our designers are happy (not just pleasant, but actually "happy" in the "free coffee and pizza every Wednesday" sense) then you are going to get a better website. Most successfully companies understand that design is a tremendous part of the success. E-commerce systems in the past were notoriously difficult on designers and often confused terms like elegance and aesthetics with phrases like, "well, it works if you keep clicking on it" or dumbfounding statements like, "if we make the pictures bigger the text will be off the page." We work in E-commerce solutions that are first and foremost proven and secure catalog and order processing systems. Then we make sure they let us have free reign over the HTML and CSS they output. Give us maximum control and the designer-magic survives through to the final product - your amazing website that attracts customers, lets them fall in love with your products, and most importantly - when they whip out their credit card to make a purchase - guides them simply and intuitively across the finish line.

Integrated Social Engagement for your eCommerce Website

Evoq Social is the new offering from DNN to build social interaction points into the Content Management System. Hotcakes Social builds on the features found in the Standard version of our e-commerce platform to take advantage of these features with a native integration.

Hotcakes Social takes all of the interaction points with your users and integrates them into your social news – all reviews, new products, and social content are shown in the activity feed. Users can also use the like, bookmark, and subscribe features to track products or categories that they are interested in. You can also take advantage of activities that your customers perform to grant points and experience so that they can earn badges by purchasing and using products. Merchants that want to reward behavior that they want their customers to repeat can also create special pricing rules for customers that have earned badges or achieved certain levels in your website to promote social activity with a financial component.

Evoq Social incorporates many features that are critical to building thriving social communities and gives managers and administrators the features they need like moderation, notifications, social dashboard, reporting, and much more. Hotcakes Commerce is built on Evoq Social and Hotcakes Commerce Social – if you like what you see here, ask for a demo and we’ll be happy to show you.

Administration That Does Not Suck

All of us at Hotcakes Commerce love merchants. We know that if you don't have the ability to manage an order in real-time when your customers need help, then you can't provide the level of service needed to make a first-time customer a life-time customer.

Rich Order Management

For those merchants that capture payments when the order is ready to be shipped, the management tools in Hotcakes Commerce will be a sigh of relief. By default, an order will not chart your customers’ credit cards until you process payments for an order. That gives you the ability to partially ship and pay an order, and modify an order before it gets processed. You can also issue credits, refunds, and modify an order before it gets paid and ships right from the administration interface. Everything about the order is able to be edited before it processes, allowing you to manage your business in real-time.

Ship Products

Like the order management, Hotcakes Commerce’s shipping management enables merchants and support teams to handle the real needs of a customer when they happen. Manage tracking information, record multiple order shipments with a single click, and record partial shipments on orders.

Manage Customers

Customer management allows you to mark users as tax exempt and add them to pricing groups. You can also save notes that are private or that are shown to your customers on their account pages.

Quickly Filter Orders for your Work

We know that your job is demanding, so we have identified a number of quick actions that merchants need to take in order to get to the most often used tasks quickly. With one click, you can load all orders ready for payment, ready for shipment, and all other order statuses available. Beyond the basics, you can filter your orders more granularly using status, date range, keyword, customer and keywords that include user, phone, and credit card.

Sales Reporting

Get to know the areas of your e-commerce website that need growth and those that are driving your bottom line with the sales reports. Built-in reports include daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly sales, daily transaction report, and sales by product. You can also drill into the affiliate-related sales to manage your partners.

Drop Ship from Unlimited Vendors

With Hotcakes Commerce’s drop-ship capabilities, you can communicate with your drop-ship vendors automatically. Our solution is smart enough to calculate shipping based upon the vendor’s shipping location and notify the vendor through email that the order items are ready to ship.

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